Monday, September 10, 2012

Remembering Megg's Birth Day

During Kathi’s pregnancy with Megg, Dad-To-Be, Steve, said that he hoped the baby would be a boy. In those days, no one knew ahead of time whether the awaited babe was a girl or a boy. Once we knew they were at the hospital, we waited eagerly for the phone call announcing the birth. Finally Steve called in the wee hours of the morning of September 10th. The bedroom phone was on my side of the bed, so I got to take the call. “Mom, it’s a girl! I didn’t know I wanted a girl until I saw her! She’s just perfect!” He was positively bubbling with joy – and relief that Kathi, following a long hard labor and a C-section was fine.

We went to the hospital the next morning to congratulate the new parents and meet our new granddaughter, Meghan Jean. She was a big baby at over 10 pounds and we laughingly called her Mega Baby. I held this beautiful new child and thought, “Wow! I’m a grandmother!” Terry held her and I thought, “Hum-m-m! I’m married to a grandfather!” Steve, engineer that he is, took her and demonstrated all her newborn reflexes, saying, “It’s amazing when you consider the level of complexity!” Indeed! And almost as amazing to me, mother that I am, was that he was proud to be the first to change her diaper!

Every year on September 10th, I enjoy remembering and celebrating Megg’s birth. And I remain grateful to the romantic, glowing Christmas tree in the bay window of the bedroom in Natick that led to the equation: 1+1=3!

Happy Birthday, Megg!
Congratulations, Steve and Kathi on a job well done.

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